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Laughter & Learning Beyond the Stage!

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Our goal is to create dedicated content that educates and entertains our audiences.

We are providing channels that lift up the importance of tapping into your imagination.

Sunday Spotlight with

Khalia Davis

Sunday Spotlight with Khalia Davis is a new community show for kids and their families! Award-winning theater director, educator, and performer, Khalia Davis, invites some of her favorite artist friends in conversation on her virtual stage. Each episode shines a light on the talented art made by her guests as well as the positive social impact their art adds to the industry and their community. After each guest shares about their own unique artistic journey, we end all episodes with a fun, screen-free CREATIVE CRAFT that kids can do on their own that relates to the type of art our guests make! From learning about writing, composing, clowning, voice over, or performing on BROADWAY, there is something for every child curious about what a career looks like in the arts. Once Khalia assumed her new position as Artistic Director of Bay Area Children’s Theatre, she has made it her mission that all programming should educate, engage, and empower our next generation of young people to live creatively and boldly as their full authentic selves chasing after their own dreams.

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Sharing Community Outreach Opportunities & Projects with Bay Area Families

Welcome to The Scoop—our new community outreach blog by BACT Outreach! Whether you’re a parent, educator, or arts-loving BACT friend, follow along as we highlight events and organizations serving youth and celebrating the strength of our community ties.

Read more at thescoopcommunity.org.

Creative Parenting with

Nina Meehan

Creative Parenting with Nina Meehan is a new podcast for parents who are looking to bring more joy, fun and ease to the day-to-day of parenting! Nina, an award-winning theatre director, internationally recognized arts educator, and mom of three, shares ideas, tips, and tricks on infusing creative play and imagination into your home life. Over the past 20 years. Nina has created a toolkit that engages children in their language of story, games, movement, and art. She has used this toolkit while serving over a million kids and adults as the CEO and founder of Bay Area Children’s Theatre and in her own home. In this podcast, she speaks to creatives and experts alike who have unique and exciting perspectives on parenting– from artists to fellow parenting experts and everyone in between. They discuss how to celebrate imagination and creativity!

Creative Parenting is brought to you by Bay Area Children’s Theatre.

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Story Time Adventure with


Story Time Adventure with Austine is a new adventure video series! Our host, Aus, will take YOU on adventures from books in our world, all while celebrating the different experiences of people in our communities through storytelling. Ready to hop into a new reality? Join us today!