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(As published in the Piedmont Post) 13th Annual Summer Camp Sections

Summer is a perfect time for young people to explore something new. Our kids are pushed to specialize early. You like soccer? Great… the travel team starts at age three. You like gymnastics? Fantastic… you will be in class five days per week starting before kindergarten. Maybe a slight exaggeration, but still, where is the chance for kids to just TRY something? Well, summer theatre camp is a perfect opportunity.

Theatre camp allows for kids with no experience and those who have been singing and dancing for years to come together to make a show and learn a new skill in a supportive environment. One of the most important tenets of theatre is the idea of creating a “safe space.” When you walk into a rehearsal room, everyone is working towards the same goal. We are taught as actors, directors and teaching artists to leave everything outside the door that is not working towards the goal of the show, and we create a space for the kids that has the same safety for them. So, a summer theatre experience can become a place where a child can walk in the door of the camp and leave behind the challenges of the school year, the stress of childhood friendship drama, and the need to be ‘perfect’ at any given activity.

At Bay Area Children’s Theatre, we are offering musical theatre camp for those kids who want to put on a show and sing and dance, as well as Improv Explosion camp for those kids who want to make up stories and learn a strong foundation as an actor. And for the littlest campers, we have our Little Performers camp for five- and six-year-olds, where they can spend a week on an imagination adventure.

Wherever your child ends up this summer, see if you can find something completely new for him or her to try. Breaking out of the need to specialize is so critical for our young people. You never know what they will discover. Summer offers kids and families a safe space for exploration and creative thinking.

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