Backstage Pass Newsletter | April 2019

Signature Performance with Special Guest Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton Visits BACT to See Her Book Come to Life Onstage

It was the start of Women’s History Month—the perfect moment for Chelsea Clinton to fly in for a special performance of She Persisted, the Musical, the smash-hit production BACT has created based on her best-selling book about American heroines.

A festive rainbow of balloons greeted Clinton and all the enthusiastic guests arriving at BACT’s Berkeley Theatre Center for the evening—a celebration for Founding Contributors to BACT’s Dare to Dream Fund.

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The Shadow Education System

Thoughts from Executive Artistic Director, Nina Meehan

I recently came back from a theatre conference in Italy. You walk into Teatro Baracca in Bologna and on the wall is a Charter of Arts as a Human Right for Children. Let’s think about that for a moment... Theatre and Arts as a Human Right... we all know that inherently. When you pick up a baby... you sing and dance. And yet, in this country, our children are being raised with art as the “other”, art as a privilege. That’s treating art as the sprinkles on the ice cream. But, what if the art is actually the ice cream itself!

So, what has happened in this country?

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Help Your Kids Explore

(As published in the Piedmont Post) 13th Annual Summer Camp Sections

Summer is a perfect time for young people to explore something new. Our kids are pushed to specialize early. You like soccer? Great… the travel team starts at age three. You like gymnastics? Fantastic… you will be in class five days per week starting before kindergarten. Maybe a slight exaggeration, but still, where is the chance for kids to just TRY something? Well, summer theatre camp is a perfect opportunity.

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BACT Spring Give Day is Coming! May 23!

Winter is Coming… Nope, Here at BACT our Spring Give Day is Coming!

As many enjoyed the premier of Game of Thrones Season 8 this past week, we have been busy here at BACT sharing our shows with hundreds of students from low-income communities around the Bay Area.

Our Dare to Dream Fund directly supports this program and we still have 25K to raise to reach our goal of 150K. On May 23rd you have the opportunity to have your donation matched dollar for dollar!

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