Community Spotlight: Thank You, BACT Families and Supporters!

Backstage Pass | October 2018

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At the end of September we learned that despite our best efforts to negotiate an affordable lease renewal for our offices and classrooms in Montclair, we had to move -- and fast! Although we knew a move would be challenging for our staff, our primary concern was how this change would affect the children and families who participate in our Oakland after-school theatre classes.

Thankfully, we were able to work closely with our Board of Directors to quickly secure a wonderful new home for our administrative offices and Oakland classes that has more teaching and performance spaces, lots of secure parking, and great neighborhood amenities and transportation connections. And our Education Staff worked diligently to send notices and make personal phone calls to the parents of all children participating in our Oakland classes. We are so grateful to these amazing families for their willingness to adjust their routines, and for their enthusiasm for our new space (we heard lots of “oohs” and “aahs” from students and their grown-ups alike).

We opened for business at our new location on October 1 and welcomed hundreds of students to their new classrooms that week. We’re very excited about our new space that will enable us to offer new and exciting programs in the year ahead. And we love our new neighborhood that is sprouting local businesses, home to favorite restaurants (Blue Bottle Coffee, Homeroom and Fenton's are walking distance!), and just minutes away from the stores on Piedmont Avenue (yay, parents!)

We couldn’t have made this important move without the goodwill of participating families, and without the generous support of donors who together contributed $5,000 to our Relocation Fund to help offset the unanticipated expenses of moving. We look forward to continuing to serve our amazing BACT families in our new Oakland location, and to welcoming new families and students too. Thank you!!!

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