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The Joy of Performance

Our award-winning theatre classes ignite the spark that lives within every child as they learn to access their creativity by telling stories through song, dance and dialogue. Our performance and training programs teach teamwork and boost self-confidence via ensemble work and serious fun!

We design our curriculum to challenge and excite children at all levels-from the kindergartener who wants to learn how to act out her favorite story to the high schooler looking to study theatre in college. Witness your child’s transformation as they leap onto the stage and beyond!

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Performance Series

For Grades K - 1
Formerly Little Performers

Students will rehearse and perform a fun and silly play based on our favorite stories! Your little one will sing, dance, and develop a character in a script that is perfectly designed for their age range. This program is designed to introduce young students to theatre in a fun, supportive, and exciting way-no pressure and stress, everyone plays and everyone participates. Your young actor will learn how to use their voice to tell a story, create characters with their bodies, ignite their imaginations and work together as a team to put on a show!

Locations: Berkeley, El Cerrito, Oakland, San Francisco, San Ramon, Sunnyvale

For Grades 2 - 5
Formerly Young Performers

Step on the stage!

Students will bring to life a full musical...starting with a fun and easy audition process, into rehearsal and then on to show day! Each student will experience the joy and magic of working together as a team in costume to sing and dance their way through a great story. Our young actors will learn the importance of ensemble, beginning acting, singing and dance technique and play theatre games which ignite creativity and imagination while teaching the focus required to put on a musical.

Locations: Berkeley, El Cerrito, Oakland,

San Francisco, San Leandro, San Ramon, Sunnyvale

For Grades 5 - 8
Formerly Next Stage Performers

Are you ready to take it to the Next Step?

Our older students will hone their craft by learning more advanced acting, singing, and dancing technique while rehearsing a terrific musical! Ensemble and team work will be the focus as our students learn more complex production numbers. If your student is new to theatre, our skilled Teaching Artists will work to make sure that every child feels welcome and learns the skills to put on a show. Being a part of a production will help children build self-confidence, creativity, and personal responsibility.

Locations: Berkeley, El Cerrito, Livermore, Oakland,

San Ramon, Sunnyvale

Training Series

Acting (Grades 4-8)

A “must” for any young performer! Whether it is acting out the lyrics of a song, telling a story through dance or performing a scene, every performer needs a foundation in acting. While playing hilarious improvisation games and exploring short monologues and scenes, students will learn powerful acting skills.

Locations: Oakland

Dance (Grades 4-8)

Class Cancelled

This is the dance class you’ve been looking for! Students will develop their dance skills in every genre of musical theater dance. From ballet, which is the core of all dance, to the high energy fun styles of jazz, tap and hip-hop, dancers of all levels will benefit from this class. With an emphasis on technique, coordination and confidence, you’ll leave this class ready for any production or dance audition.

Locations: Oakland

Singing (Grades 4-8)

Develop your singing skills and vocal confidence! Students will learn how to read music, rehearse songs, and build their repertoire, all while learning vocal versatility that will help them in auditions and on stage. Learn the skills you need to stand out!

Locations: Oakland

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