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Bay Area Children's Theatre Land Acknowledgment

As part of our mission to take corrective action against Indigenous erasure, Bay Area Children’s Theatre commits to amplifying Indigenous voices and contributing educational resources to our Bay Area community. BACT believes in the power of shared curiosity and encourages grownups to learn alongside their little ones. Whether you’re a guardian, teacher, artist or student, we invite you to explore the resources below to deepen your understanding of California’s history and its thriving Indigenous communities which shape our contemporary world.

What is a Land Acknowledgement?

A land acknowledgment is a way for communities to promote awareness of Indigenous presence, remember our history, contextualize space, and inspire others to support local Indigenous communities. Land acknowledgments should go beyond a phrase or statement by deepening relationships and inspiring action. 

What is BACT’s Land Acknowledgement?

Bay Area Children’s Theatre gives Shuumi to acknowledge that we are living and working on occupied Ohlone territories. With respect, we acknowledge them as the original keepers of the land on which we stand and create art. 

Beyond this statement, our commitment is to center Indigenous voices, resources, and people, as well as build community with the stewards of this land. We are working towards this commitment by: 

  • Building relationships with the Chochenyo Ohlone community. We are actively pursuing partnerships with other arts organizations with ties to local Indigenous communities through educational outreach and professional development opportunities.
  • Sharing Stories & Traditions. Our space can be made available as a location to host events where Indigenous community members can use the space for oral storytellings or celebrations.  


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