Bay Area Children’s Theatre is dedicated to ensuring that children from all backgrounds can benefit from our award-winning educational programs.

Our Academy program provides quality and focused theatre skill building curriculum for children from Kindergarten through High School.

Our Arts in Schools outreach program provides fun, flexible and free arts education to countless Bay Area schools and beyond, with our national programming reaching over 300,000 students!

BACT Academy

We are thrilled to share that in-person Academy classes will begin this fall! Stay tuned for updates!

Online Student Matinee: A Kids Play About Racism

This landmark theatrical experience was free of charge to all educators and reached nearly 300K children!

Based on Jelani Memory’s A Kids Book About Racism, this digital play offers families the tools they need to talk honestly and openly about the impact of racism on kids. 

Program includes educational material with post-show activities. 

“I just really liked the play and I think it describes racism in a real honest way…it’s not something that has to be really scary in a dramatic way, but it IS happening.”Zoe, age 8

Arts in Schools: Play On! In Schools

This program will encourage students to think creatively while being up and active on their feet!

  • For students ages 5-10 years old
  • Provides up to five days of lesson plans, including warm-ups, arts and craft activities, discussion topics, music, and movement exercises for each day
  • User-friendly activity guide and ready to download worksheet
  • Audio tracks to guide your students through the story 


Become Secret Agent 11 and help our friends solve the mystery and save the day!

Building Community: Story Adventure

We are thrilled that Community Building classes and workshops will return this fall. Please stay tuned for updates!

These classes and workshops are designed to create a dynamic arts experience for neuro-atypical learners by providing a safe, compassionate, and FUN learning environment.

This program integrates art, music, and movement in a sensory-friendly theatrical environment for children living with disabilities and their families. Class elements focus on consistency, predictability, and repetition.

Musical Theatre Program

These virtual musical theatre classes are designed to get your students up and moving. Choose from these dynamic and engaging program options!

Storytelling through Song: Under the Sea from Disney’s The Little Mermaid 
  • Teaches the basics of storytelling in musical theatre using movement, song, and dance
  • Ideal for grades K-5
Creative Thinking through Musical Theatre: King of New York from Disney’s Newsies
  • Uses more challenging choreography to encourage creative expression and teaches voice and movement techniques to convey a character’s desires
  • Ideal for grades 2-5

Creativity Corner

Inspired by the need for digital storytelling, Creativity Corner offers interactive adventures which capture the spirit of live theatre! These imagination-based challenges are perfect for kids who like to engage their minds while having fun.
  • Focuses on interactive theatre exercises with follow-up art projects to be completed at home
  • Can be used as a long-distance family activity
  • Has reached over 25,000 viewers!