Story Explorers

Story Explorers

Open Date: 
25 Apr 2020

Story Explorers is an immersive and sensory-friendly theatre experience created specifically for children with autism and other special needs. Jump into a myriad of fascinating story worlds–from a jungle adventure, to a relaxing day at the beach, and even outer space! Your child will be transported through their imagination, accompanied by live music and a variety of multi-sensory interactive moments.

Bay Area Children's Theatre would like to thank Oily Cart Theatre in London for their invaluable input and guidance for the development of Story Explorers.

All performances will be at The Osher Studio in downtown Berkeley.

This show is intended for audiences age 3-12, as well as their parents, caretakers and siblings. Due to the intimate setting of Story Explorers, seating is very limited. Wait-listed patrons will be informed on a first-come-first-served basis if space is made available. Financial assistance is also available.

For more information, contact Hannah at (510) 296-4433 ext. 7015 or hannah@bactheatre.org.

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