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Join us for our 2022-2023 Season!

Upcoming Events

A Year with Frog & Toad

Our MUST-SEE holiday show!
November - January

Llama Llama Red Pajama Title

Llama Llama

Red Pajama

Special ONE-TIME Performance
National Tour Launch


February 4- March 12

Giraffes_Transparent Background

Groove with Gerald This Spring!

Image Description: A smiling family wearing sunglasses sits on blankets outside and watches a performance outside of the frame.

Community Outreach Programs

Pocket Guide For Imaginary Friends

This Pocket Guide is for Imaginary Friends and Imaginary Friends ONLY! Keep this Guide top-secret and out of sight of Human children.

Dive in to a world where Imaginary Friends are real, and need to learn how to be the best Imaginary Friend to their Human child. In Book 1 of this colorful and delightful graphic novel series, you’ll learn how to use the power of Imagination to help Humans escape boredom! Adapted for the stage (The Imaginaries: an Immersive Musical) at Bay Area Children’s Theatre for performances in March 2022.

Baby Rave


Baby Rave is a dance party with special guest, DJ ET!

Our popular, LA Times-featured Baby Rave is designed to give everyone a break and give everyone a chance to share the joy of music and dance together.