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The Imaginaries:

An Immersive Musical

We’re BACK and more imaginative than ever!

written and illustrated by the BACT Writer’s Room

Did you know Imaginary Friends live in their own Imaginary World?

In this brand new musical, meet the Imaginaries! They are ready to jump in and give any human kid the adventure of a lifetime.

Normally, kids stay in the Human World.

But what happens when a human child discovers a way to cross over into the Imaginary World? Come join us and you will find out!

This show is a fully immersive experience — you aren’t just watching the show, you are a part of the show! So get ready to escape into the world of the Imaginaries and learn what it takes to become a great Imaginary Friend. All you need is your imagination!

If you are the ticket purchaser, it is your responsibility to communicate BACT’s vaccination and mask policy to others in your party. Please forward any show-related email to your guests so that they know what to expect before their visit. Thank you! 

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Prepare for the Show!

Order your copy of Pocket Guide for Imaginary Friends!

Give the gift of imagination by purchasing the Family Gift Pack! Each Family Gift Pack includes:

  • 4 tickets to The Imaginaries: An Immersive Musical
  • 1 copy of Pocket Guide for Imaginary Friends
  • Passports to the Imaginary World

Dress Up Weekends!

Themed Weekends!

May 21 🧜🏾‍♀️
Imaginaries Weekend

Themed Weekend Descriptions

Imaginaries Weekend 🧜🏾‍♀️

For our final show, we encourage our audience members to dress as their favorite Imaginary in the show! Whether it be one of the characters in our show or your very own imaginary friend, we encourage you to dress like them at the show. Participants will be able to pose in our Imaginary-themed fashion show and receive fun stickers at the end of the show!

Audience Guide & Social Story

What's In the Audience Guide vs. The Social Story?

A social story is a tool that helps individuals better understand the world around them so they can plan for a positive experience, even if they are going into a place that is unknown to them. This social story includes social situations that you may encounter on your visit to see The Imaginaries!

The audience guide has information about the show, actors, and activity packets for families to do at home!

Click the images to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your COVID-19 Policy

We are making adjustments and decisions for our theater policy based on the most up-to-date information from the CDC, Alameda County, and City of Berkeley. Please look out for updates sent to the email you provide when purchasing your ticket. As of now, this is the current covid protocol. 

Is BACT Staff Vaccinated?

All Bay Area Children’s Theatre staff and artists are fully vaccinated. All actors are “up-to-date” with vaccinations, including booster shots.

Will food be allowed in the theater?

For the safety of performers and patrons, there is no eating or drinking in the theater.

Can my child bring their personal Imaginary Friend?

Of course! We are always excited to see Imaginaries in action as true Imaginary Friends! They are included in the price of their human child’s ticket.

Why Immersive Theatre?

Theatre is a unique opportunity to share physical space and actively participate in a story.

Making the theatrical experience immersive heightens those benefits, encouraging the child to respond honestly, in the moment, to the action of the plot or a character’s choices. Their feedback can dictate the behavior of the performers and shape the growth and direction of the story, reflecting back to that young person that their input has value and their presence is important.

From the moment you enter our theater, you will be transported to a world unlike any you have ever seen. The space has been completely transformed into an Imaginary World full of interactive elements, and other opportunities for you to explore and play even while the show is happening around you! 

  • You will be welcomed into the playing space and invited to become an Imaginary Friend
  • You have the flexibility of sitting anywhere in the space, whether it be the more traditional bench seating along the outside of the space or right smack in the middle of the action
  • Our play space is specifically designed for children to safely explore before, after, and even during the show
  • The actors may call upon you to use your imagination to help them think creatively, solve problems, or make a decision that affects the story

Can my child play on the set?

Yes! Our set is customized specifically for children to safely explore the immersive space before and after the show.

Do I get to choose my own seat?

Yes! Tickets are general admission, which means you can choose to all sit together in our bench seating or split up and sit around the set-which is in the middle of the action! The show is designed to allow for audience movement during the show, so you are not required to sit in the same place the whole time.

What if we are late to the show?

The performance begins the moment the audience enters our play space, and so, for safety, our house staff will guide audience members to seats designated for late arrivals. That said, because the show allows for audience movement, you are not required to remain in those seats.

Are there show accessibility notes I should be aware of?

All Bay Area Children’s Theatre facilities are wheelchair accessible. Although it is not required, you may tell us about your wheelchair requirements by emailing us at

Assisted listening devices are available at the theater upon request.

The 10:30 AM performance on Saturday, May 14 includes audio description and pre-show haptic access tour.

*For blind and visually impaired audience members, Bay Area Children’s Theatre partners with Gravity Access Services to offer live audio description and haptic access tour on Saturday, May 14 at 10:30 AM. Audio description is a live audio track spoken by a professional audio describer to audience members with visual impairments through a wireless headset system. It provides clear and engaging descriptions of the meaningful visual details of a performance. Haptic access tours (20-30 minutes) are a live pre-show tour that allows patrons to experience—through touch and their own movement— the space, performers, costumes and objects in addition to key movement elements in the performance.

For more information, to book a spot in a Haptic Access Tour or to reserve a headset please email

The 1pm performance on Saturday, May 14 includes a live ASL interpreter.

Live ASL interpretation is coordinated through Urban Jazz Dance Company’s Access Services.

This production contains sudden loud noises and flash lighting that may be disruptive to people who are sensitive to light and sound. Due to the immersive nature of the show, audience members can expect actor-audience interaction during the show. Audience members are welcome to bring their own manipulatives, seat cushions, comfort objects, and extra support items to the show. Audience members have access to a safe space in the lobby if they need a break from the performance. The Quiet Corner in the lobby allows the performance to be viewed with some separation from the audience. Families may select their own seats, but if special assistance is needed, patrons may reach out to .

What if someone in my house is sick or might be sick?

In the event that someone in your house is ill, we will happily reschedule all tickets.

What is the refund policy?

Tickets and memberships are non-refundable. Pending ticket availability, BACT may be able to accommodate a ticket transfer to another date or time of your performance. To request a ticket transfer, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled performance date at

I have more questions . . .

We’d be happy to answer them!  Please contact