Disney Musicals in Schools

Disney Musicals in Schools Program Overview:

Disney Musicals in Schools is an outreach initiative of Bay Area Children’s Theatre that develops sustainable musical theatre programs in Oakland and Contra Costa County public elementary schools.

Two - four schools will be selected to participate in this year’s program FREE OF CHARGE. Any Oakland, East Contra Costa, or West Contra Costa public elementary school is eligible to apply, but hurry—the application deadline is December 3rd, 2017.

To qualify, schools must have a free and reduced lunch rate of 70% or higher.

Disney Musicals in Schools presents a special opportunity to introduce the collaborative art of musical theatre to your school, strengthen your arts programming, and develop partnerships among students, faculty, staff, and the greater community.

Please note: Recipient schools will receive various levels of support over a period of three years.

Disney Musicals in Schools Timeline:

December 3, 2017 Applications due
December 3-8, 2017 Finalist school site visits
Friday December 8, 2017 All applicants notified of status
December 11th, 2017 Selected school orientation, 6-8pm
January, - May, 2018 Rehearsals and onsite support from Teaching Artists.
May, 2018 In-School Performances
TBD, 2018 Disney Musicals in Schools Student Share Celebration

Selected schools will receive:

• A free performance license to a 30-minute Disney KIDS musical of your choosing (valid for one year).

• Free Show Kit materials, including a director’s guide, student scripts, cross-curricular activities, accompaniment and rehearsal CDs, and a choreography DVD.

• Free in-school support from Bay Area Children’s Theatre Teaching Artists (during a 90 minute school visit each week). The Teaching Artists will serve as production and creative advisors who will train and empower the School Team to run the program themselves.

• Lastly, the selected schools will participate in a culminating Disney Musicals in Schools Student Share Celebration. At this event, each school will share a selection from its production at a professional venue in Oakland.

The goals of Disney Musicals in Schools are to:

1. Create sustainable musical theatre programs in urban elementary schools.

2. Provide school faculty with the training and tools necessary to support
student performance and production, and to empower them to do so.

3. Develop a critical awareness and appreciation of the arts within the school.

4. Develop a strong community, including students, parents, faculty, staff, and neighbors.

5. Expose students and school faculty to the wide spectrum of skills that are developed when producing a piece of musical theatre, including critical thinking, problem solving, ensemble building, communication, self-confidence, and interpersonal skills.

Disney Musicals in Schools Program Requirements:

Selected schools will be expected to:

• Produce a 30-minute Disney KIDS musical involving 3rd-5th graders
• Identify a School Team comprising at least three, but no more than five, teachers and staff members who will partner with the Bay Area Children’s Theatre Teaching Artists and run the program from beginning to end.
• Participate in a 90 minute rehearsal each week guided by BACT teaching artists in which all three school team members are present.
• Hold a second 90 minute rehearsal each week run by the school team only.
• Commit to a full 17 weeks of rehearsal /production in an after-school setting (see timeline).
• Host a site visit for the selection team during the application process.
• Provide space and time for students and the School Team to rehearse and prepare for the musical production.
• Hold a minimum of one public performance of the musical.
• Participate in the Student Share event in a professional venue and assist with organizing transportation for participating students.

Financial Commitment

Performance rights, ShowKit materials, Professional Development, and onsite Teaching Artist support will be provided at no charge to selected schools. Selected schools will be responsible for a production budget. Disney KIDS Musicals are designed to be produced inexpensively, and have been successfully mounted within a budget of $300-$1500. Bay Area Children’s TheatreTeaching Artists will work to maximize the school’s production budget by using reclaimed and existing materials, such as cardboard boxes and tee-shirts brought from home. Any additional costs, such as participating through an after school payments, will be the school’s responsibility.


1. Download THIS WORD DOCUMENT and prepare your answers. Be sure to save a copy for your records.

2. Share your completed application and THIS DOWNLOADABLE PROGRAM OVERVIEW with your school administration. Obtain Principal signature on application.

3. Share completed application with proposed School Team members and obtain signatures.

4. Send completed application to:



Bay Area Children’s Theatre
6114 La Salle Ave., Suite 431
Oakland, CA 94611

Submit your application NOW! -- Final Deadline: December 3, 2017

Bay Area Children's Theatre  |  Phone: 510-296-4433  |  info@bactheatre.org