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BACT’s Education Program offers high quality classes to children that focus equally on teaching interpersonal and performance skills.

Bay Area Children's Theatre classes emphasize ensemble-building and teamwork, creative problem solving, and empathy. Our professional teaching artists encourage students’ confidence as they teach specific, accessible performance techniques appropriate to each class. We cultivate an inclusive environment that celebrates individuals for who they are and the beautifully unique backgrounds we all come from.

At bay area children's theatre we have a zero tolerance policy for bullying and physical violence.

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Performance-Based Classes

Class Questions

Why is attendance mandatory?

New material is learned every rehearsal day and it can be challenging for absent students to catch up on missed rehearsals. The progress and cohesion of the cast as a whole is also impacted by absences. Like in sports, the cast ("ensemble") works together as a team and can only succeed with every single member participating each week!
Additionally, with only so many rehearsals, students who miss classes may not be placed in scenes or songs they missed as there is not enough rehearsal time to re-stage.

Why are there no absences allowed during the final two weeks of the program?

The last two weeks of our programs are critical in getting our show together. Two weeks before show time, it is vital that all participants are present there to do a final run-through before introducing technical elements. Our final rehearsal is known as a "technical rehearsal" or "tech." This is when we will add costumes, scenery, props, lighting, and sound elements that we have not worked with yet. Navigating these new elements is exciting and we need everyone there to succeed in this endeavor!

What should I wear to class?

Students should wear comfortable clothes they can move in. Dance shoes are welcome, but not required. We recommend closed-toe shoes. Please, NO flip flops.

What should I bring to class?

• A full refillable water bottle. Students will have an opportunity to fill it up BEFORE class begins.

• For Young/Next Stage Performers: your script, once distributed. Other classes: your teacher will let you know what materials should be brought to each class.

• Older students with cell phones: Student may bring a personal device for emergency use, but may not access it during rehearsal to ensure that students are engaging with each other.

Can parents/guardians watch class?

Unfortunately, classes are closed to observation. Parents love to watch their children and younger children often are more comfortable with parents near them, however ,the flow of the class often is disrupted by performers checking in with their parents and the overall quality of the class deteriorates. In addition, some performers become more self conscious in front of an audience and we want to give them the freedom to feel comfortable in class. If you have concerns about this, please do not hesitate to reach out to our offices through classes@bactheatre.org

Why are there no make-up classes?

While two classes may be working on the same show, they may be at a different part of the rehearsal process. Each cast is working together as its own individual ensemble; therefore, it is not beneficial to attend a class other then your own. If it is not possible to attend a class, please ask your director the best way to catch up on missed material.

What happens if my student loses their script?

BACT has a limited number of scripts provided by Music Theater International. If you lose your script, you are responsible for borrowing another cast-member's script and making a photocopy.

How do I get the music for my student’s show?

Instructions for accessing digitical music tracks for your student's show will be emailed prior to the first class in a Welcome E-mail. It is very important that you follow these instructions in order to provide your student the opportunity to listen at home. If, for any reason, you are unable to access the music, please email your director or classes@bactheatre.org.

What is your policy on Casting?

Our Academy classes are ensemble focused and ensemble driven. Our Teaching Artists are masters at creating opportunities and experiences for students in a creative and inclusive way that makes them all feel special on stage. With a heart full of trust and a mind bursting with creativity, every one of our actors will shine on the Academy Stage. Any concerns around casting should be directly addressed to our Teaching Artists, who will include Academy staff as needed for quick and amicable resolutions.

My student is upset with the role they were assigned... What can I do?

It is not unusual for a child who does not receive a role they desire to feel some disappointment. Unfortunately, this is a normal part of the theatre experience (and a hard life lesson that builds resilience). We understand it is difficult as a guardian to watch your child experience these emotions and we encourage you to see the this as an opportunity to talk to your child about expectations and help them grow. Here are some things you can do:

◦ Talk to your child and allow them to express their feelings
◦ Help them see the big picture. There will be other plays and other opportunities
◦ Encourage them to see how they can make the best of the situation. What is awesome about the part they got and how can they turn the role into something they can be proud of?
◦ Remind your child that every character can be fun and provide a child with the opportunity to be creative.
◦ Click here for a helpful TheatreFolk Article on this topic.

Why can’t you re-assign my student’s role?

Casting is a giant jig-saw puzzle that out teaching artists work very hard to fill in the way that will best set up each and every student for success! Once casting has been announced, we cannot make any changes. Roles cannot be taken away from other students once assigned. Once the puzzle is complete, there is no way to rearrange the pieces.

Performance Questions

Do I need to provide costumes and makeup for performances?

We will provide costumes for all characters! For the dress rehearsals leading up to showtime and for performances, students will be required to supply their own base-layer of clothing, which will be designated by the director. A base-layer is clothing that can be worn under the costume, for example, black leggings and a solid-colored shirt. You will receive more information about this closer to the performances time.

How do I get tickets to my student’s show?

Tickets for many of our BACT classes will be available for purchase via our website up to 4 weeks prior to the first performance date. Ticket sales systems vary by location, so look for information from your instructors.

In SOME locations only, each student is allotted one complimentary ticket to the first performance only. This ticket is automatically held at the box office under the name of the adult who registered for the program.

Financial Aid

Do you have scholarship or payment plan options?

We have limited scholarships available per location per semester. We offer payment plans for all of our classes.
Our scholarship application is now online. Click here to apply.
To register for a payment plan, please contact our Education Coordinator at classes@bactheatre.org.

Other Questions

What if my child has a disability or medical consideration?

BACT is proud of its inclusive participation and casting policies; all children are welcome. Aids are permitted in class. If you feel your child’s situation is something we need to be aware of or special accommodations need to be made, please feel free to call us to discuss it. Please write down any medical considerations and attach to the registration form.

Registration Questions

Fall Registration Now Open!

What if I just want to try a class?

BACT does not allow students to audit classes. Contact our Education Coordinator at classes@bactheatre.org for more information about the best fit for your child.

Who should I ask if I have a question about what class my child should take?

Please review our website for information about our classes and contact our Education Coordinator at classes@bactheatre.org for more information about the best fit for your child.

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