In-School Theatre Workshops

Enhance your curriculum with the help of theatre arts! Bay Area Children's Theatre can support the learning in your classroom through theatre workshops with cross-curricular content. We offer classroom workshops for Kindergarten through 5th grade that utilize drama to explore literature, science, math, social studies and creative storytelling. Each workshop addresses VAPA standards.


Price: $300 per classroom
Location: BACT comes to your classroom
Grades K–2: Two 50-minute sessions that take place within two weeks
Grades 3–5: Two 75-minute sessions that take place within two weeks

If you would like more information or to book a workshop, please email


Move with Math (grades K-2)
Explore numbers and mathmetical concepts through moving our bodies. This workshop utilizes music, dance and creative movement to bring math into the third dimension.

Reading and Writing and Rhyming, Oh My! (grades K-5)
We will learn all about poetry through performing famous poems and writing our own poems. Through group work, we will rehearse theatrical scenes based on poems.

Art All Around Us (Grades K-5)
Paintings from around the world come to life in your classroom as your students use visual art to inspire tableaux and scenes.

Literature to Life (Grades K-5)
You tell us what book you are reading, we will activate the story with your students starring in their favorite scenes.

The Living Science Fair (Grades 3-5)
A creative Science Fair comes to life in your classroom, but for this science fair, your students are the scientist, the experiment and the display board.

History is a Mystery (grades 4-5)
Explore a grade-appropriate historical topic with a living history lesson taught by a teaching artist in-role as a character from the past. Students examine evidence and create scenes to unravel a historical plot.

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