The Rainbow Fish Musical

The Rainbow Fish Musical

Open Date: 
30 Jun 2017

Come with us under the sea for The Rainbow Fish Musical, a world premiere based on the award-winning book by Marcus Pfister about the joy of finding friendship through sharing. Book, music and lyrics by Austin Zumbro. Playing in Oakland and San Francisco.

Free Pizza Fridays!

We're excited to present Friday night shows this summer. To make Friday night out even more fun, everyone gets a free slice of FREE pizza before the show. Yay, Pizza!

Juice boxes and extras slices available for purchase, while supplies last! Friday night shows only.

At Children's Fairyland, pizza will be from Lanesplitter Pizza. Choice of cheese or pepperoni.

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Upcoming Performances
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   Oakland       Sat Jul 22       10:30 am   
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   Oakland       Sun Jul 23       10:30 am   
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   Oakland       Sat Aug 5       2:00 pm   
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   Oakland       Sun Aug 6       4:00 pm   
   San Francisco       Fri Aug 11       6:30 pm   
   San Francisco       Sat Aug 12       10:30 am   
   San Francisco       Sat Aug 12       1:30 pm   
   San Francisco       Sun Aug 13       10:30 am   
   San Francisco       Sun Aug 13       1:30 pm   
   San Francisco       Fri Aug 18       6:30 pm   
   San Francisco       Sat Aug 19       10:30 am   
   San Francisco       Sat Aug 19       1:30 pm   
   San Francisco       Sun Aug 20       10:30 am   
   San Francisco       Sun Aug 20       1:30 pm   
   San Francisco       Fri Aug 25       6:30 pm   
   San Francisco       Sat Aug 26       10:30 am   
   San Francisco       Sat Aug 26       1:30 pm   
   San Francisco       Sun Aug 27       10:30 am   
   San Francisco       Sun Aug 27       1:30 pm   
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